The Funniest Lord of the Rings Memes

I have to start off by confessing that I fell asleep watching the first Lord of the Rings film for the first time. Don’t hate me now, it was a long day at work and it is a fairly lengthy film you need to admit. Anyway, to make up for this indiscretion I decided to find some of the best Lord of the Rings memes. I’ll try not to nod off while I am looking for them.

THE JRR Tolkien Meme

The Funniest Lord of the Rings Memes and JRR Tolkien

The funniest Lord of the Rings memes – just like the best things in any walk of life – make you think as well as laugh. Why did JRR Tolkien spend endless hours of his life creating an entirely new language and then call the mountain Mount Doom?

The Frodo Plot Hole Meme

The Funniest Lord of the Rings Memes and Frodo

At the risk of causing rabid LOTR fans to engage in a huge and ultimately pointless debate, I need to add in a Frodo plot hole meme. These are where, well, a hole in the plot is “exposed”. Would it have been better to fly to Mount Doom? Discuss. Or not.

The LOTR vs. Game of Thrones vs. Conspiracy Keanu Meme

The Funniest Lord of the Rings Memes and Keanu

Whenever I see celebrity memes with that dopey expression on Keanu’s face I start laughing even before I read the caption. In this case, as always, he is asking the questions you wish you had thought of about conspiracies and nonsense. This is a classic because it is a celebrity meme, a conspiracy Keanu meme, a LOTR meme and a Game of Thrones Meme all in one. If only he had mentioned Star Wars in it as well we could have played Meme bingo with it.

The Frodo the Hobbit Meme

The Frodo the Hobbit Meme

Who was your favourite; Frodo or Sam? Quick, answer before even think about it. Your answer says a lot about your personality. Probably.

The Unsung Hero Meme

The Funniest Lord of the Rings Memes and Unsung Hero

Poor Sam the hobbit in “does most of the work and gets no credit for it” shocker. Them’s the breaks, kid. Tolkien apparently liked dogged unsung heroes and they don’t come much more dogged and unsung than Sam.

The Too True LOTR Meme

The Funniest Lord of the Rings Memes and Arrows

Don’t you just hate it when there is a film you love and then some fool goes and says, “Have you ever noticed how that guy never goes to the toilet / eats food / changes his clothes / runs out of arrows?” It spoils the whole thing for me. Sorry.

The One Doesn’t Not Simply Meme

The Funniest Lord of the Rings Memes

This is one of the most famous and memorable quotes of LOTR series and it has spawned a glut of memes around it. You will find that Boromir now appears on memes saying that one does not simply do a lot of things, including drive into Mordor, snowboard into Mordor and a lot more.

Another Frodo Meme

The Funniest Lord of the Rings Memes and Frodo

I love these Frodo memes which point out that wasn’t exactly the hardest working member of the crew. The guy was a freaking hobbit. Did you expect him to get his hands dirty killing orcs and stuff? Leave the poor guy alone and pick on someone your own size.


  1. Joey says

    About the first meme..

    “Orodruin” or “Amon Amarth” was the Sindarin (elvish) name for the mountain.

    “Mount Doom” is it’s common-tongue name.

  2. LoTR fan says

    There are so many inaccuracies in this post, it is funny. The eagles never flew to lord of, because obviously they would have been shot down. Also mount doom DID have an Elvish name. The elves called it orodruin. Also, Frodo did the least work because he had a freaking ring that was killing off his very will. Sam would have been the same way if he had been stabbed by a mouthful blade, and carried a soul sucking ring for an entire year. Yes, you have angered a ring head.

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